Lyon Technologies RL-1 Reptile Incubator

The RL-1 Reptile Incubator was designed a with the serious herpetologist in mind. It has been manufactured with the level of engineering and quality that has distinguished Lyon Technologies' products over the years.


RL-1 Reptile Incubator Veterinary Equipment

Clear acrylic construction assures excellent visibility of developing eggs. The RL-1, as well as our other herpetological and bird incubators, are built with time tested, proven components and engineering which help to achieve and maintain a stable incubation environment eliminating the risk of outside drafts.

The RL-1 Reptile Incubator is controlled with a highly accurate solid state ten-turn temperature control. This unit also includes a secondary thermal wafer thermostat as a back-up over temperature protection device. This system features fan forced air circulation utilizing a computer quality muffin fan to create a unique "wall of air" on all four sides of the unit. An adjustable air intake system provides superior gas exchange between the inside and the outside of the incubation chamber.

The RL1 comes with two 1-inch lipped, powder-coated sliding trays that can support up to four plastic hatching boxes, thus allowing air circulation to maintain uniform temperature inside the containers. Humidity is controlled by mixing water with the incubation medium. The unit comes equipped with a laboratory grade mercury thermometer accurate to approximately half a degree Fahrenheit

Recent Enhancements

  • Stronger cabinet design. The new model has a metal exo-skeleton that can take more punishment than an-all acrylic cabinet. Individual acyrlic panels can be replaced in the event a side becomes damaged.
  • Thermometer and hygrometers have been upgraded.Thermometer and hygrometer have been upgraded from analog to digital displays making them easier to read and more accurate.
  • Water trays addedSlide-out water trays have been added at the bottom of the RL-1. Breeders can now control the humidity level through the water trays in addition to adding water to the egg boxes.
  • Egg Boxes now included.The RL-1 now comes with four plastic egg boxes.


  • Capacity : 40-45 python eggs, or equivalent for other species, depending on size of eggs.
  • The RL-1 includes four plastic boxes that can be filled with vermiculite.
  • Highly Accurate Solid State Temperature Control
  • Backup Thermal Wafer Temperature Control
  • Digital thermometer and hydrometer included
  • Easy Access Sliding Incubation Trays
  • Slide-out water trays
  • Fan Forced Air Circulation Adjustable Air Intake System


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The RL-1 Reptile Incubator runs on 120v electricity, which is the standard voltage used in the United States. These models are also available with 230v electronics. If you need the 230v configuration, please call our toll-free number (888)246-8776.

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