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The Clearview model serves as both a hatcher and brooder. It can be used by bird or reptile breeders. or by labs and universities for critical science and research programs.

The Clearview Brooder/Hatcher is currently being redesigned but should be available very soon. Because of upgrades to this item, some details will differ from those listed on this page and pricing may change.

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Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

he Clearview Brooder \ Hatcher is a versatile multipurpose unit for the hobbyist. It can be used as a reptile incubator; a bird hatcher\brooder and as a small animal hospital isolation chamber.

It features the renowned Marsh Incubator dome with it's highly accurate primary solid state temperature control, it's secondary thermal wafer backup, and the fan forced wall of air. An important feature of the Clearview Brooder / Hatcher is its great visibility.

You may order the Clearview Brooder/Hatcher with optional Basket Assembly (shown here) to keep the animals clean or you may order the Dri-Dek White Pliable Floor Matting.

Features and Benefits

The Clearview is a highly reliable and accurate brooder and hatcher, but it can also serve as an isolation chamber for small animals. While the Animal Intensive Care Unit (AICU) is more specifically designed for use by veterinarians and professional breeders, the Clearview can serve much of the same purpose at a lower cost.

Standard Features:

  • Visibility - Clear Acrylic Cabinet
  • Gravity Fed Humidity System
  • Polycarbonate Dome
  • Highly Accurate Temperature Control
  • Easy Refillable External Water bottle
  • Optional Adjustable Height
  • Low Energy Consumption

Models and Prices

Clearview Item # Description Price
Clearview Brooder/Hatcher for birds and reptiles
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Small Clearview Brooder/Hatcher without basket $1095


Small Clearview Brooder/Hatcher with basket $1135


Large Clearview Brooder/Hatcher without baskets $1160


Large Clearview Brooder/Hatcher with two baskets $1240


Optional Dri-Dek White Pliable Floor Matting $45

The Clearview Brooder/Hatcher runs on 120v electricity, which is the standard voltage used in the United States. These models are also available with 230v electronics.

If you need the 230v configuration, please call our toll-free number (888)246-8776.

If you have questions or prefer to order by phone, please call our toll-free number

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