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We carry Animal Intensive Care Units (AICU), Brooders, Hatchers, and Incubators for birds and other small animals manufactured by Lyon Technologies. Their high quality products are designed to provide reliable care for breeding animals as well as for pets that are injured, ill or convalescing. Breeders, veterinarians, and rescue organizations utilize these brooders and intensive care units for baby birds, puppies, and kittens, pediatrics, and for thermal stabilization of small, orphaned or abandoned animals, including reptiles.

Animal Intensive Care Units

Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

Manufactured from the finest acrylic or metal and acrylic, these high quality animal intensive care units are lightweight and durable. The Lyon Technologies AICUs are very versatile and can be used for handfeeding babies, pediatrics and orphaned or abandoned animals. The AICU provides quality care for pets that are injured, ill or convalescing.

The heating console is easily removed to allow the main cabinet to be submerged for total cleaning and disinfection. Large top door and sliding front door allow easy access. Both acrylic and metal units are available in two sizes and can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit displays.

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Animal Neo-Natal Care Units

Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

The Neo-Natal Care Unit is a modified version of the Animal Intensive Care Unit described above, but it has been configured to meet the needs of newborn animals. The smaller unit is specially sized for neonatal patients and has features such as attached nebulizer bottle, swing door, air filter, temperature and humidity display, and alarm.

As with the larger AICU models, the electronics are easily removed so that the main cabinet can be submerged for effective cleaning and disinfection.

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Pro-Care Animal Critical Care Units

Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

The Pro-Care 27 and Pro-Care 36 critical care units are for use by veterinary professionals. Features include safely delivered pre-heated prescription oxygen and nebulizer.

These units are used by veterinary hospitals, emergency clinics, zoos, and research laboratories, and teaching hospitals globally.

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Turn-X Incubators TX-6 and TX-7

Turn-X Egg Incubator TURN-X is a functional table top incubator with modern precise Solid State Temperature Control. All major parts are made of plastic for easy cleaning. TURN-X incubators have a clear see-through dome for egg observation during hatching. Fan powered circulating air provides a constant air flow to all parts of the incubator. Temperature control adjustment, humidity adjustment and egg turning can be performed without opening the incubator.

The TURN-X table top incubators are available in two models The TX6 is ideal for hobbyist and school projects while the TX7 is designed for the specialized breeder and educational science programs.

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Classroom Incubation Kit

Classroom Incubation Kit for traditional and home-school education The Lyon Technologies complete Classroom Incubation Kit provides teachers with everything needed for a successful hatch in the classroom. The authomatic-turning hatcher is the proven Marsh TX-6 incubator. Its see-through dome allows easy egg observation during hatching.

The Classroom Incubation Kit incubator incorporates an 18-egg turning ring for chicken eggs, accurate solid state temperature control, wet and dry bulb thermometers, and automatic egg turner with continuous turn. No hand-turning of eggs is required. This is an excellent tool for use in the classroom as well as for home-schoolers.

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Roll-X Incubator RX-2

RX2 Incubator is the breeder's choice. Favored by Universities and laboratories.' One of the finest and most reliable on the market, ROLL-X Incubators have many features found only in large commercial incubators. The Model RX2 is Lyon Electric's best incubator and the Breeders Standard. Universities and laboratories also use the RX2 for those critical science and research programs. A separate outside water bottle allows you to open the dome at any time without spilling water. The mercury thermometers are accurate to ±1/2° F and have a scale calibrated from 70° to 110° F graduated in 1/2° F increments.

Solid State Temperature Control on the RX2 is available in a single turn or ten turn potentiometer version.

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Clearview Brooder/Hatcher

Clearview Brooder or Hatcher is ideal for the budget minded breeder The Clearview Brooder / Hatcher is ideal for the budget-minded breeder or hobbyist. It can be used as a reptile incubator, a bird hatcher and brooder and as a small animal hospital intensive care unit or isolation chamber. It can be configured with optional hatching\brooding basket to keep the animals clean or the Dri-Dek flooring.

The Clearview features a highly accurate primary solid state temperature control, secondary thermal wafer backup, and the fan forced wall of air. The beauty of the Clearview Brooder / Hatcher is its great visibility.

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Wildlife Induction Series

Clearview Brooder or Hatcher is ideal for the budget minded breeder The Lyon Wildlife Induction Series is used to capture smaller free range animals for transport and anesthesia in one unit. This means less stress and more safety for both the animal and for the wildlife care provider.

The Wildlife Induction Series was designed with the help of professioanal zookeepers who wanted an easier, more efficient way to safety capture and anesthesize the patient while allowing for animal acclimatization prior to an uneventful capture.

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