Lyon Technologies Reptile Care Catalog

We carry Lyon Technologies' line of Animal Intensive Care Units (AICU), Brooders, Hatchers, and Incubators for reptiles and other small animals. These high quality products are designed to provide a reliable breeding environment for snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, and other reptiles.

Established in 1915, Lyon Technologies is a world leader in animal health care equipment, providing animal care and breeding solutions in over 100 countries.

We carry most of the products in the Lyon Electric Company Reptile Catalog. Please contact us for a quote on any item.

RL-1 Reptile Incubator

Animal Intensive Care Unit Veterinary Equipment

The RL-1 Reptile Incubator was designed and manufactured with the serious herpetologist in mind. Capacity is approximately 40-45 python eggs or equivalent in other reptile species.

The RL-1 Reptile Incubator has just been redesigned and offers several great enhancements:

  • Stronger cabinet design.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer upgraded to digital displays.
  • Slide-out water trays give maximum control over humity.
  • Comes with four plastic egg boxes.

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Animal Intensive Care Units

Animal Intensive Care Unit Veterinary Equipment

These high quality animal intensive care units are lightweight and durable. Used by breeders, animal rescue organizations, and veterinarians, the AICU provides quality care for reptiles and other small animals that are injured, ill or convalescing.

The heating console is easily removed to allow the main cabinet to be submerged for total cleaning and disinfection. Large top door and sliding front door allow easy access. The AICU is available with either acrylic and metal cabinets or all metal. They are also available in two sizes and either Celsius or Fahrenheit displays.

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Clearview Brooder/Hatcher

Clearview Brooder and Hatcher

The Clearview Brooder\Hatcher is a very versatile unit. In addition to it's main purpose as a reptile incubator, it can also be used as a brooder after the eggs have hatched. Because of the thermal stability of the environment, it can be also used as an animal intensive care unit or isolation chamber. The acrylic sides offer easy observation of eggs or hatched reptiles.

It includes the Marsh Incubator dome with a highly accurate primary solid state temperature control, secondary thermal wafer backup, and fan-forced wall of air.

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