The Raticator Infrared Max

The Raticator Max utilizes a revolutionary new infrared detecting system to sense the presence of the mouse, rat, or other rodent. This high tech delivery system, including stainless steel kill pads housed in an aesthetic plastic canister, now attains a 100% humane kill rate.

Unlike traditional traps that can mangle the rodent, the Raticator leaves no blood or mess, and uses no poisons that may be harmful to humans, pets, or the environment.


Raticator Rodent Trap

The New Raticator Infrared Max is the best way to get rid of mice and rats!

The presence of a rodent in the Raticator's chamber triggers the infrared detecting system which delivers a shock that renders the animal unconscious before its death. When the rodent enters the Raticator Max it will be humanely exterminated with a powerful jolt of electricity – no escapes.

The Raticator Max utilizes 4 "D" Cell Batteries (not included) which in standby mode will last approximately 1 year or provide over 60 kills per battery set. Red and Green indicator lights provide system alerts indicating the presence of a rodent in the chamber.

Simply bait the Raticator Max with any dry food as an attractant to the rodent (dry pet food, trail mix, pearaticator, etc.), turn the main switch on - wait 5 seconds. You will see a single green flash telling you that the unit is now armed and ready to deal with your unwanted pests.

You never have to touch or come in contact with a dead mouse or rat again. Disposal is as easy as tipping the Raticator Max over an appropriate receptacle and letting the rodent slide out. Simply re-bait the Raticator Max, place it in an active rodent area, and turn the main switch back on. It's that easy and efficient.

Features and Benefits

Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

Features of the Raticator Max Infrared Detecting System (Ratzapper) include:

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4-3/4" X 11-1/2"
  • Approx. 60 kills or 1 Years stand by with one set of 4 alkaline "D" Cell batteries
  • Easy to use, and reusable
  • Kill cycle lasts two minutes then unit goes into notify mode, red light flashing, until you reset it.
  • Optional remote monitoring with the Raticator Indicator


Item Description Price
Raticator Infrared Max Humanely and safely exterminates rodents. Up to sixty kills on one set of alkaline "D" Cell batteries $59.95
Raticator Indicator The remote Raticator Indicator makes monitoring easy. Its two blinking red eyes tell you when to empty your Raticator. $18.95

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