Rat Zapper Testimonials - Kill rats and mice safely and humanely without poison or snap traps.
Rat Zapper - Kill rats, mice, and other rodents with poisons or snap traps.

Testimonials of satisfied customers who have used Rat Zapper rat and mouse trap items

Here is just a small sampling of the many testimonials written by satisfied Rat Zapper customers:

"... compared the Rat Zapper to other methods of rodent elimination finding the Rat Zapper superior in performance."

Jeff Ball Horticultural Advisor, NBC's Today Show

"Just a short note to express my sincere satisfaction with the Agrizap Rat Traps. Since purchasing eight traps in December, they have more than paid for themselves in saved frustration and convenience. The traps continue to catch vermin where ever they are placed."

Jim Egnatoff Carpenter Supervisor, City of Los Angeles, Civic Center

"Heinemann's Bakeries is one of the leading retail bakeries in the Chicago metropolitan and suburban areas. After hearing about the "RAT ZAPPER," we purchased three units plus the monitoring panel for a trial. From day two on, we had excellent results. The panel allows us to monitor the "ZAPPERS" from a central location, allowing our Sanitation Department more time for other situations. The results of this test were positive enough so that we ordered twelve additional units. This system seems to be the "BETTER MOUSE TRAP" that everybody has been looking for."

Lloyd Yahn Purchasing Manager, Heinemann's Bakeries, Chicago, IL

"After using your device, The Rat Zapper, we are rat and mouse free. We have used the Rat Zapper in our home as well as on our ranch with equal success. We think it's Great!!!"

Marty and Patricia Morehart, Owners, Feed Bin, Malibu, California

Regarding the Zapper Tracker system:

"We have a large warehouse facility and we take pride in maintaining rodent free buildings... Your system of rodent control is far superior and more effective than any other offered to us in the past. It is also much cleaner and more cost effective."

Dennis Merchant Warehouse Manager, Jordano's (one of Southern California's largest food suppliers), Santa Barbara, California

"We had some work done in the area of our water heater and the plumber indicated we had mice or rats in the area. This was quite a surprise to me since we keep our house, garage, and whatever as clean as anyone has ever seen. The thought of getting a rat trap didn't appeal to me... I saw your product being demonstrated at Terry Lumber. That evening I set it up in the water heater closet. It took a few days, but the first one was caught and the next five days we got one each day. Your product is the easiest way to take care of this problem. I have told my story to all my friends. I truly feel this is a great humane way of taking care of pests."

Russ Collins Homeowner, La Crescenta, California

"I have been in the pest control business for over 20 years. Taking a chance, I purchased several of your Rat Zappers. The first two that I sold were to horse breeders. I sold these with the understanding that if they were not pleased with the product, they could return the Rat Zappers at no cost. After several weeks, the breeders returned and bought several more Rat Zappers. They were so pleased that they have been referring customers to me ever since... The Rat Zapper is the most innovative tool I have seen for rodent control in my 20 years experience."

William Medler President, Med Pest Control, Middlesex, New Jersey

"The Do-It centers in Agoura and Thousand Oaks have been test marketing the Rat Zappers. The item has gotten a strong response from the customer. Itís a safe and clean way to handle rodent problems."

Tim Knox Facilities Manager, California Do-It Center

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