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Pretty Bird
Bird Food in Pellet Form

Birds should be beautiful. PRETTY BIRD supplies all the nutrition needed to promote beautiful feathers and a strong, healthy body. Watch for improvements in your bird's appearance and attitude.

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Pretty Bird Product List

Available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large-sized morsels, these diets contain 12% protein and 5% fat. Daily select mini is for canaries and may also be used for parakeets. Daily select small is for cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds and similar sized birds. Daily select medium is for all medium-sized birds. Daily select large is for the largest birds, including Macaws and the largest Cockatoos. Daily Select diets are offered in several sizes to accommodate single and multiple bird owners.

are available in Mini, Small and Medium-sized extruded morsels with 16% protein and 10% fat. Also available in our breeder line are Breeder Basics Bean mixes in either 4% fat with 18% protein, or 10% fat and 16% protein. These bean mixes are designed to be cooked before serving. All breeder products are packaged only in 20 lb. bags. Pretty Bird also manufactures a full line of HANDREARING FORMULAS designed to produce excellent growth rates in all types of baby birds.


PRETTY BIRD'S newest diets are formulated with certain groups of birds in mind. All Species Specific diets are available in 3 lb., 8 lb., and 20 lb. packages.

Designed for species that require higher fat levels such as Macaws, Golden Conures, and Black Palm Cockatoos. We manufacture this diet in our medium-size morsels which we feel minimizes the waste that can occur with larger food morsels. This diet has 15% protein and 10% fat.

Designed primarily for Cockatoos but could also be used for Amazons. With a protein level of 17% and a fat level of 4%, this diet is extruded in our medium-sized morsels.

This diet contains 8% fat and 14% protein and is the ideal food for all African species and is the diet of choice for medium and large Conures. Manufactured in our medium-sized morsels, this food offers the extra calcium required by the African species

Available in two sizes, small for Mynahs and other small softbills, and medium for Toucans. This diet has 18% protein and 8% fat and contains fructose which is a natural ingredient in their diets in the wild. Iron levels are less than 75 ppm. These diets can greatly simplify the maintenance required by these birds while supplying all the required nutrients.

Designed to meet the special needs of Eclectus parrots, with 16% protein and 6% fat. Extruded in our medium-sized morsels, this diet also contains fructose; Extra vitamin A is not added to this food, and fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A should be fed along with this diet.

Pretty Bird Price List

3 lb. Bag  $13.00
8 lb. Bag$24.00
20 lb. Bag$42.00
Shipping cost is 50 cents per pound plus $4.00 handling
within the U.S.    Check with us for other destinations.

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