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Live Birds

Baby Macaws. Just weaned, closed-banded, hand-fed babies.We are in the process of moving our breeding facilities and expect to offer hand-fed babies in 2006.

We do have a few Harlequin Macaw babies available at this time. Click here for some photos.

We can ship anywhere in the United States, as long as the weather is agreeable and local regulations permit.

Brooders and Incubators

Free Shipping! Take care of your birds and eggs with selected brooders and incubators from Lyon Electric Company. We carry Bird Eggsthe Animal Intensive Care Units (AICU) and the Turn-X incubators.

We also carry the ROLL-X Flowing Air Incubators. These units have the same features usually only found in large commercial incubators.

These Incubators can handle a variety of egg sizes from finches, parakeets and canaries up to pheasant, chicken and goose eggs. Lyon Electric is the breeders' choice.

Austin HealthMate HEPA Air Filters

If you own a bird, you need an air purifier. Birds give off a "bird dust" that people Austin HealthMate controls bird dust in your home and aviarycan react to like dog or cat dander. Even if you do not have an allergic reaction to this powder, it can still irritate lungs -- especially in sensitive people. Bonus -- an air purifier can also protect your bird from YOU!

We personally use the Austin Healthmate HEPA air filter to control the dust generated by our parrots. Our Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, and African Greys used to create more dust than we could keep up with, but the Austin HealthMate has made this problem disappear.FREE SHIPPING!

IQAir HealthPro
Air Purifiers

If you are concerned about pet dander, have allergies or asthma or just want the cleanest indoor air possible, you owe it to yourself to check out these state-of-the-art air purifiers.

We offer the air purifier The IQAir HealthPro Plus controls bird dust in your home and aviary better than any other air purifier we knowrated number one by Europe's leading consumer testing organization.

The IQAir HealthPro air purifiers are guaranteed to remove 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns and at least 99% of all particles smaller than 0.3 microns -- including biological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold.

This is the unit used by the Los Angeles Zoo to restore a very sick orangutan to health. Click here for the story of how Minyak, the 24-year old Bornean orangutan, has been able to overcome serious respiratory problems. FREE SHIPPING!

Because of the interest our bird-friendly customers have in cleaning their indoor air, we have expanded our air purifier business.

Please visit us at for information on the other excellent air cleaning products we carry. Some even have ultraviolet lights to kill pathogens (viruses, bacteria, mold) and some will remove nearly all the bird dust and dander that passes through the machines.

The Rat Zapper
Here is a safe, humane, non-poisonous way to protect your aviary Picture of the Rat Zapper - safe, non-poisonous way to keep rodents out of the aviaryfrom from rats and mice. The Rat Zapper will also help protect you and your family from the dangers of Hantavirus and other rodent-spread diseases.

In-Shell Nuts
Mixed NutsWe have high-quality Diamond Brand nuts at wholesale prices. The nuts are people-quality, but your parrots will love them.

Click here for almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pecans and mixed nuts. Macadamia nuts and other choices available.

Pretty Bird Pellets
Pretty Bird manufactures special nutritional bird food in many Cockatiel formulations. Enhance your bird's appearance and health.

Visit our CYBER AVIARY while checking out the bird food.


General Safety

Here is the common-sense approach to keeping your bird safe. This article was written by Layne David Dicker, Staff Avian Behaviorist at the Wilshire Animal Hospital. The author discusses subjects from clipping wings to buying toys wisely. Even experienced bird owners should read this article.

Nutrition: Foundation for a Healthy Bird

A bird suffering from malnutrition will eventually die from organ failure or from secondary bacterial or viral infections that plague a compromised immune system. "Sudden death" isn't uncommon in birds; however, it's usually the result of a long-term nutritional deficiency or chronic infection.

Prevent Heavy Metal Poisoning

Parrots like Poisonto chew on everything, including things that are dangerous to them. Check their environment for items that contain lead, zinc, brass, and copper. These metals can kill or greatly harm your bird. Please read this important article.

How to Manage Feather Picking

Does your parrot pluck at his feathers? Most caged birds seem prone to feather picking, but the condition can be treated and prevented. This article sheds light on the causes and remedies of feather picking.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency affects the cells that line the respiratory, reproductive, and digestive tracts. As a result, birds can die from secondary infectionsCarrots - Vitamin A deficiency in parrots and other birds. caused by a weakened immune system and the inability of the bird to heal itself. This common disease is preventable through a healthy diet high in vitamin A.

Why Caffeine is Bad for Your Bird

Coffee Cup Caffeine in coffee and chocolate can kill your bird. This article by a veterinarian explains why caffeine is so toxic.

Bird Care Guide

Must-Reading for those of you who are considering adding a bird to your family.

Another Bird Care Guide

More required reading for the new bird owner. This article supplements and reinforces the information contained in the bird care article listed above.

Avian Health Care Tips

Dr. Barton C. Huber, D.V.M., has written an informative article on keeping your bird healthy.

Protect Your Bird from Poisons and Toxins

Did you know that avocado can kill your bird? Print out this chart that lists plants, fruits, vegetables and household items that can be dangerous to your bird.

Safe Plants for Birds

Generic Plant - What plants are safe for birds?This is the companion article to the one above. Here is a list of plants that are safe for your bird, at least in reasonable quantities.

Egg Binding in Birds

New    Egg binding is the inability of a bird to pass a developed or partially developed egg. The author of this article believes that nutrition is at the root of egg binding problems. Although the breeder may provide the bird with calcium from a variety of sources, the problem may be the inability of the bird to metabolize the calcium that is readily available in the diet.

How Clean is Clean?

As this article states, "The prevention of disease through good hygiene helps avoid veterinary visits .. and is much more reliable than depending on drugs to control disease."

Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD)

This article was written by Dr. H. L. Stoddard III who first recognized PDD in macaws in 1978. Proventricular dilatation disease can occur in any psittacine but the most common birds affected are macaws, cockatoos and conures.


New    Aspergillosis is the most common fungal infection in birds, but exposure doesn't automatically result in disease.

Understanding Psittacosis

New    Psittacosis is also known as parrot fever and chlamydiosis. This article describes the disease, its tranmission, symptons, control and prevention.

Pseudomonas Infection in Pet and Breeding Birds

New    Does your bird have a "cold"? Is his nose runny, is he sneezing, or having other signs of a respiratory infection? There are many causes of respiratory problems in birds, but one of the most stubborn and elusive culprits is Pseudomonas.

Cockatiel Genetics

Cockatiels come in many variations. This article describes the different types of genetic mutations in cockatiels.

Bird House Placement and Care

Here's an article about the care and placement of your bird house.

Build Your Own "Bird Seed Kleener"

We have directions for building a device that separates the hulls from the unused bird seed.

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