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Users Guide for Odors Removed
by Austin HealthMate Air Filters

Many of the classifications are rather general, so it was necessary to pick a typical or average condition. The odor index for a specific situation could vary somewhat from that given in the table if special circumstances apply.

The capacity index has the following meaning:

A Locations that contain the lowest amount of odor
B Locations that contain more odor than A
C Locations that contain more odor than B
D Locations that contain the highest amount of odor

C Adhesive manufactoring plants C Air conditioning systems C Aircraft
B Airline terminals D Air raid shelters B Amusement places
D Animal rooms A Apartment buildings A Apartments
C Apple storage B Art studios C Athletic clubs
D Atomic processes B Auditoriums C Automobiles
B Banks C Bank counting rooms C Bank safe deposit departments
D Bank vaults C Banquet rooms C Barber shops
C Bars C Basements B Bathrooms
C Beauty shops A Bedrooms B Binderies
D Biological processes B Bomb shelters B Book stacks
C Breweries C Buses B Bus terminals
B Cafeterias B Canneries C Central air conditioning systems
D Chemical laboratories D Chemical plants D Chemical storage
D Chlorine manufacture A Churches B Circulating fans
B Circulating systems C Clinics B Closets
C Club houses D Coating processes C Cocktail lounges
C Cold storage plants D Collective protection shelters B Commercial establishments
C Conference rooms C Conventions B Corridors
C Creameries C Crowded rooms C Dairies
C Darkrooms D Decalcomania production B Department stores
C Dentists offices B Dining rooms B Display parlors
C Distilleries C Doctors' offices B Drafting rooms
B Dressing rooms C Drugs stores C Dry cleaning plants
B Educational institutions B Electrical installations C Elevators
D Embalming rooms C Enclosed spaces C Engine rooms
B Equipment rooms C Examination rooms D Exhaust hoods
C Factories B Federal offices C Fermentation plants
D Fertilizer plants C Fish markets C Five-and-dime stores
C Food processing A Forced air furnaces C Fruit storages
C Funeral homes C Game rooms D Garbage disposal plants
A Gravity return furnaces B Greenhouses B Grocery stores
C Grills A Homes C Hospitals
B Hotels B Hotel rooms C Incinerators
C Individual cubicles C Industrial kitchens B Industrial offices
B Institutions B Instrument rooms B Jewelry stores
C Kitchens D Kitchen exhausts D Laboratories
C Laundries D Leather processing B Libraries
D Linoleum plants C Live poultry rooms A Living rooms
B Lobbies C Locker rooms B Lounges
C Lunch counters B Maintenance departments C Manufacturing plants
C Mausoleums D Meat packing plants C Meat markets
C Meat storage B Metal industries C Military equipment
B Military installations C Mixed cold storage C Morgues
B Motels C Motion picture studios B Municipal offices
B Museums D New processes C Night clubs
D Nuclear processes B Nurseries C Odor barriers
B Offices C Office buildings C Officers' clubs
D Oilcloth production C Operating rooms D Paint department
C Paint  plants C Penal institutions C Personnel protection
C Pet shops C Pharmaceutical plants C Photo dark rooms
C Photographic industry C Photographic studios B Planes
C Plastics manufacturing C Plating shops D Pollution control
C Poultry processing C Poultry sales rooms C Prescription departments
C Printing plants B Private offices C Processing laboratories
C Processing rooms D Projection booths C Public assembly rooms
B Public buildings C Public toilets D Pulp and paper plants
C Radio studios C Railway cars B Railway stations
B Reading rooms B Reception rooms B Recovery room, hospital
C Recreation rooms C Refineries C Refrigerated show cases
D Rendering plants C Refrigerators C Research plants
C Reservation offices A Residences D Resin manufacturing
B Restrooms B Restaurants C Restaurant kitchens
A Retail shop D Rubber plants B Rumpus rooms
B Sales rooms B Sample rooms C Schools
C Service departments C Sewage disposal plants D Sewer vents
C Show cases C Sick rooms B Silverware manufacturing
C Soap manufacture B Soda fountains C Specialty shops
B State institutions B Steamships B Stock rooms
B Storage spaces B Stores C Studios
B Stuffy rooms B Super markets C Surgical rooms
B Switchboards rooms C Tanneries D Tar processing
C Taverns C Telephone booths C Telephone exchanges
C Television studios C Test cubicles B Theaters
C Theater lobbies C Theater lounges B Ticket booths
C Toilets B Trains B Train reservation offices
C Undertakers B Unit air coolers C Untidy rooms, hospital
C Unventilated spaces D Varnish manufacturer C Vegetable storage
D Vent systems C Vestibules C Veterinary hospitals
B Waiting rooms C Wards, hospital B Warehouses
D Waste treatment plants B Window ventilators B Wood working plants
C Work rooms C X-Ray darkrooms B Yachts
C Youth clubs C Zoological gardens    
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