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Research now confirms that indoor
air pollution is more critical to
health than outdoor air

Environmental research is disclosing a surprising and disturbing factor for our health - the quality of indoor air in the home is much more important than ever suspected. The Congressional Quarterly has claimed that indoor air is often two to five times more polluted than outdoor air and can be up to 1,000 times as dirty.

This is an issue that concerns us all. The first step is awareness of the risks. Fortunately, prevention is easy and economical. Your home or your office can have clean air for healthy living right now.

The Best Rated Air Cleaner
America's Highest Rated Air Cleaner

 In an independent test, twenty-one brand name air cleaners were tested and rated by one of America's leading consumer organizations.

Austin was rated best in six categories:

  • Best overall air cleaner for removing dust, smoke gas and odors
  • Best filter
  • Best HEPA filter
  • Best gas and odor removal
  • Best warranty
  • Best guarantee

Complete Filtration
The Austin Air Cleaner removes both irritating particles and hazardous gases. True medical HEPA traps particles, while gases and odors are eliminated by a combination of activated carbon and zeolite. In the Austin, you'll find the superior levels of both filtration media.

Removes Particles
 Austin Air Cleaners use true medical HEPA material which was developed by the US Atomic Energy Commission to protect its research scientists.

HEPA medium will trap at least 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns in size. In simple language, the diameter of a human hair is about 300 times too large to penetrate a HEPA filter.

The Austin Air Cleaner is packed with 80 square feet of true medical HEPA. The Junior contains 30 square feet. Each unit, for its size, provides you with the highest standards of particulate protection available on the market, and should last for five years without replacement under normal conditions.

Eliminates Gases and Odors
Austin Air Cleaners have the highest levels of gas and odor filtering materials available. The combination of activated charcoal, from coconut - the best source known to science - and organic zeolite will eliminate not only such annoying odors as tobacco smoke from your home, but also dangerous gases like formaldehyde.

The Austin contains nearly 15 full pounds of activated charcoal and zeolite. The Junior model contains nearly eight pounds. Packed with these massive quantities of filtration, the Austin will give you the most effective filtration available for gases and odors.

Whisper Quiet Operation
Switch on an Austin Air Cleaner and let it run as long as you like, for years even. Your air cleaner can't overheat and is always safe.

The Austin Air Cleaner whispers in operation. The motor is especially designed for quiet operation. With the vibration-free, welded steel body, the unit runs with a gentle, background hush. The only sound you will hear is moving air. Even on high setting, some people report that it is an aid to sleep.

A Safe and Quiet Motor
Quite and safety is ensured with the Austin's Permanent Split Capacitor motor. The PSC motor, fitted into every standard Austin unit, is remarkably free from noise. The sound level is only 64 db at high setting; on low the machine barely whispers at a mere 20 db. The Austin PSC motor produces none of the irritating 60 cycle hum of other products.

Austin motors are totally safe for continuous operation. You can run your Austin Air Cleaner day in, day out with no absolutely no danger of overheating. Turn it on. Leave it on.

A Friend You Can Rely On
 You will welcome the Austin Air Cleaner in your home as a good friend, with qualities you'll be happy to live with for years to come:

Reliablity - the rugged design quality of Austin's mechanical and filtration systems will last for trouble-free years.

Good manners - your Austin Air Cleaner is quiet, attractive and always dependable.

Friendliness - its rounded corners and protection from electrical exposure make it a safe companion for children and pets. Its special baked-on powder coat surface and steel construction forgive spills, bumps and household accidents.

Austin Air Cleaners are all welded steel construction to resist the knocks and tumbles of the busiest household.

Steel cannot emit the gases produced in the eventual degradation of plastics.

Extra Filter Protection
In addition to the Austin's superior qualities of true medical HEPA and carbon/zeolite, an additional outer filter is fitted to your unit.

A specially designed PERMAFILT ensures extra long life for your air cleaner.

Austin's PERMAFILT traps large airborne matter, like animal hair, before it reaches the HEPA filter at the heart of your unit. This leaves the HEPA medium unencumbered to perform its real tasks: to trap the tiny sub-micron particles that are the real threat to health.

The PERMAFILT gives your air cleaner greater purifying power and longer life in your home.

Air Cleaning Capacity
The Austin cleans at up to 400 cubic feet per minute on high setting. In pratical terms, this means that it will purify an area of about 1,500 square feet twice an hour.

The more portable Austin Air Cleaner Junior gives you half this capacity.

In practice, real effectiveness is measured by not only how much air is being cleaned, but also how well.

Austin's powerful filtration, combined with its high air flow capacity, assures you of healthy air in even the toughest circumstances.

Safe Air Flow
Air is delivered in one direction from the upper deck of the unit. This has been specifically designed to avoid air passing over rugs and carpets.

Your floor coverings are normally treated with formaldehyde and even in the cleanest households are hosts to dust, dust mites and animal dander. Air cleaners that pass air flow over carpets will stir these contaminants into the air.

Guaranteed to Last
The Austin Air Cleaner has eliminated one of the drawbacks to air filtration - the need for frequent filter replacement, a task that is laborious and expensive.

The filter unit at the heart of the Austin Air Cleaner is guaranteed on a pro-rated basis to last under normal residential conditions for five full years.

The mechanical assembly is also guaranteed for five years under normal use.

You can rely on unsurpassed quality of design and manufacture in your Austin Air Cleaner.

Quality Ensures Economy
Austin's quality means economy.

Your Austin Air Cleaner is designed and built to superior standards to give you  and your family the highest levels of protection and reliablity.

You may initially pay a fraction more for Austin's premium quality, but your investment will be repaid many times over through the economy built into your unit.

The Austin filter assembly will normally last for five full years. Compare the cost of frequent filter replacement in other units and you will immediately see the savings you gain.

Austin's PSC motor draws minimal current. Even on the highest setting, it will cost only penny an hour. Here too, count your savings.

The sturdy steel construction of every Austin product guarantees that your air cleaner will last for years. This is solid insurance for your investment in health through clean air.

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