Dragonhaus Animal Intensive Care Units

As many breeders and veterinarians disccovered, Lyon Technology (LyonVet) closed their operation several years ago. HotSpot for Birds had been a distributor of their excellent AICU's and brooders for 25 years so we were truly sorry that they are no longer available. We were hoping that Lyon Technology would be bought by another company that would continue the product line, but this did not happen.

The good news is that we have recently found a new source for animal intensive care units that are similar to Lyon's products. Dragonhaus has developed a line of AICUs to fill the hole left by LyonVet AICU's. They believe their product meets and far exceeds the units that they formerly provided.

About Dragonhaus

While Dragonhaus is primarily known for their reptile enclosures, their expert staff has years worth of animal care experience to assure that their habitats are of the highest quality for all species. Together with a local exotic veterinary practice, they have produced the first Dragonhaus ICUs for small animals. Since each specie dictates strict environments while in recovery, all of the Dragonhaus ICUs are designed to regulate environmental needs while keeping the animal safe and sterile.

The AICU's are manufactured by hand in Washington. Dragonhaus has recently designed and started manufacturing custom Intensive Care Units with input from the Bothell Center for Bird and Exotic Medicine for use in Veterinary offices, Zoos, and rescues. Collaboratively working with the input of veterinarians doctors and breeders, they have come up with AICUs that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Features of the Dragonhaus AICUs

Dragonhaus systems offer any rehabilitation efforts complete control of the patients' environment. Heating, lighting, and circulation fans are all individually controlled and paired with the included 600 Watt PID thermostat, keeping the exact temperature a simple task. Also included is an audio and visual alarm system as a fail-safe, alerting the keeper if the temperature exceeds a 5-degree variation.

Unique features offered with Dragonhaus AICUs:

  • Individually controlled Light, Heat, and Fan
  • Integrated heating with 600w PID thermostat for exact temperature control (C/F)
  • Audible and visual alarm with 5 minute mute
  • Interior circulation fan
  • Medical O2 connection, flowmeter, and humidifier
  • Nebulizer port
  • Locking porthole for access and intubation
  • White, easy-to-clean interior
  • Removable dishwasher-safe tray
  • Clear polycarbonate sliding access doors
  • Keyed locks

DragonHaus Animal Intensive Care Unit
Feature Description
HEPA-Safe Environment Dragonhaus AICUs are equipped with with an H14 HEPA Filter for the pathogens, which is more than 0.3 micron, reaching filtration efficiency as high as 99.97%!
Simple Observation and Access Observation of the recovering animal is accessible with a porthole and sliding polycarbonate doors. In addition, each point of access comes equipped with locks for extra security!
Safety Control Each unit houses multiple heating control systems and alarms to regulate the environment's temperature. For example, an alarm will sound if the system's internal temperature changes by 5 degrees.
Lightweight and Eco-Friendly Dragonhaus AICU models are designed with both the animal's well-being in mind as well as the caretaker's job. the AICUs are 20-60lbs each and made with minimal waste, so your body and mind can rest at ease.
Internal O2 System Monitor and control the oxygen in your Dragonhaus ICUs! Each unit provides a compartment holding the easy-to-refill Oxygen Bubbler and a 3-6 L/m Oxygen Meter to control O2 flow.
Safety and Quality Dragonhaus understands that keeping your beloved animals safe is your top priority. They use only the best PVC and polycarbonate glass to ensure their AICUs are resistant to the harshest elements, durable, and long-lasting.
Stunning Design Dragonhaus AICUs are clean, sleek, and appealing while providing a sterile environment! Designed to attach a variety of fixtures and accessories inside, you will not have to worry about making significant adjustments to the AICUs when needed!
Stack Them Up! These AICUs are designed to be stackable so you can maximize vertical space in your clinic. Large or small, you can stack them all! Center supports are provided upon request. Additionally, bases and storage for every ICU size are available to help you keep organized.

Sizes and Configurations of the Dragonhaus AICUs

The units are modular, and very customizable and can be assembled in a wide variety of capacities and configurations to meet your unique needs.

The base model is the 32x14x14 unit, which has an interior space of 24x12x12 and is suitable for most small animals. While this size is very versatile, this is not the appropriate size for many animals will not fit, so the units have been designed to be scaled in all dimensions to allow for larger patients, arboreal species, and even provide birds with vertical space for perching.

The Dragonhaus AICU's stand out because they have been designed them to stack on top of each other to be considerate of space. These AICU's can be special ordered to meet any need. For example, the multiple units can be scaled in a variety of sizes to create a wall of various enclosures, largest on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Each one is individually controlled and can stand alone, being placed on the floor or a countertop. They are incredibly versatile, lightweight and easy to operate!

Specifications of Dragonhaus Animal Intensive Care Units

Terrestrial Models

Feature Small Medium Large
Outer Dimensions LxDxH 34x14x14 46x14x18 58x12x18
Inner Dimensions 24x12x12 36x12x16 48x12x16
Volume 2 cf 4 cf 5.33 cf
Heater Wattage 1x180 1x180 1x250
Heater Type PTC w/fan PTC w/fan PTC w/fan
Circulation Fans (1) 120mm (1) 120mm (1) 120mm
Lighting 1 5v LED 1 5v LED 2 5V LED
Thermostat 600W PID 600W PID 600W PID
Solid State Fail Off Relay Yes Yes Yes
O2 Meter 3 L/m 3 L/m 10 L/m
O2 Bubbler Yes Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply 400w 12/110v 400w 12/110v 400w 12/110v
Fused Yes 10a Yes 10a Yes 15a
Price $2525 $3395 $4300

Arboreal Models

Feature Small Medium Large
Outer Dimensions LxDxH 34x14x18 34x14x24 34x14x36
Inner Dimensions 24x12x16 24x12x22 24x12x34
Volume 2.66 cf 3.66 cf 5.66 cf
Heater Wattage 1x180 1x250 2x180
Heater Type PTC w/fan PTC w/fan PTC w/fan
Circulation Fans (1) 120mm (1) 120mm (2) 120mm
Lighting 1 5v LED 1 5v LED 2 5V LED
Thermostat 600W PID 600W PID 600W PID
Solid State Fail Off Relay Yes Yes Yes
O2 Meter 3 L/m 3 L/m 10 L/m
O2 Bubbler Yes Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply 400w 12/110v 400w 12/110v 400w 12/110v
Fused Yes 10a Yes 10a Yes 15a
Price $2525 $3395 $4300

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