Classroom Incubation Kit
by Lyon Technologies

The Classroom Incubation Kit is ideal for Spring science projects. The see-through design lets naturally curious chldren observe the chicks as they break through the shell at hatching. This is also a great choice for home-school use.


Lyon Electric Turn-X Table Top Incubator for hatching chicken and parrot eggs

The Classroom Incubator Kit is recommended for teachers who want to hatch chicken eggs in the classroom. This kit comes with all accessories necessary to successfully hatch eggs in school. The TX-6 with automatic egg turner is included so no hand-turning of eggs is required.

This kit provides teachers with everything needed for a successful hatch in the classroom. The authomatic-turning hatcher is the proven Marsh TX-6 incubator. Its see-through dome allows easy egg observation during hatching. The Classroom Incubator Kit incubator incorporates an 18-egg turning ring for chicken eggs, accurate solid state temperature control, wet and dry bulb thermometers, and automatic egg turner with continuous turn.

Incredible Value