Care, Cleaning and Placement
of Bird Houses

Placement of Bird Houses

For sparrows or finches locate on trees or buildings 10' - 20' high.

For woodpeckers or juncos locate birdhouse on tree trunks 12' - 20' high.

NOTE: Keep bird feeders and baths as far away from birdhouse as possible, some birds visiting the feeder or bath may be treacherous and attack the nest site.

Bird HouseCATS: Mount your birdhouse above leaping range and install a predator barrier. Poles, posts and trees can be fitted with a sleeve of aluminum sheeting that will defy the traction of claws. It must be installed at least five feet from above ground level, you can also install metal pie pans as baffles on the wire to foil dauntless intruders.

MOUNTING: If you hang something from a tree wrap the branch with fabric or an inner tube where you attach the wire to the tree to prevent damage to the tree. Make sure the branch is strong enough to support the structure.

POSTS: Can be of either metal or wood, use pressure treated lumber or cedar, whether square or round. Sink the post at least 18" into the ground using a post-hole digger, add gravel to the bottom of the hole for wood. Concrete isn't necessary, but pack the dirt well around the shaft. The top of a metal pipe can be threaded to fit a floor flange attached to the base of your bird structure. Wooden posts can be reinforced with metal "L" brackets or wooden triangular braces at the top.

Care and Cleaning of Bird Houses

Bird HouseClean out old nest after the brood flies, also disinfect the housing using a mild bleach and water solution.

NOTE: Resist the urge to peek inside at the brood; this will cause them to panic and they may jump out of the nest box. If this does happen, just pick them up and put them back inside. Stuff a rag into the opening until they settle down, this may take up to an hour or so, then remove the rag.

It is just a myth that the mother will abandon the brood due to a human scent.

Build a Bluebird House

The Missouri Department of Conservation has provided instructions on how to build a Bluebird bird house out of a single plank of wood. There are instructions on a few other bird houses as well as a bird feeder at Click here for more information.

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