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How to Request a Link to Your Web Site

We've just started to develop an avian-related link page and are looking for sites of interest to our visitors. If you have a web site that you would like to have linked to ours, please complete the form below.

While we do not require that you link back to us, we sure would appreciate it. Information on how to link to us can be found by clicking here: http://www.hotspot4birds/linkrequest.htm .

Note: We will personally look at all sites submitted and will notify the contact person upon approval. We reserve the right to refuse to link certain sites. We definitely will not link any site that is not family-friendly, nor will we include any site that has absolutely nothing to do with birds.

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Please consider linking Hotspot for Birds to your avian web site. If you need to know now to do this, go to http://www.hotspot4birds/linkrequest.htm or give us a call. Our toll-free number is (888)246-8776.

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