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How to Make a
Bird Seed Cleaner


  • 3" PVC "Y"
  • 3" threaded pipe cap or 3" PVC pipe cap
  • Pint funnel
  • 3" PVC 12" long
  • 3" slip/thread coupling (used with screw caps only)

NOTE: Use a Shop Vac type wet/dry vacuum with a 1 1/4 " suction hose. Motor size 7.4 amps for parakeet, cockatiel & small hookbill seeds. If you want to clean parrot or large hookbill seed a larger Shop Vac and larger suction hose must be used. The length of the kleener may have to be increased for more powerful vacuums. Do this by increasing top PVC pipe length.

Diagram of the Seed Kleener INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Cut 3" PVC pipe to 1 piece 5 inches long and 1 piece 3" long.

  2. Cut the funnel end off to an opening of 1 1/4 inches. See pictures 1 & 2.

  3. Drill 1 1/4 inch hole in the top of the threaded cap or pipe cap so that the vacuum suction hose will fit. Note: Hole should be drilled according to diameter of the hose to be used. See picture 3.

  4. Place the 5 inch piece of pipe in the bottom section of the wye (it is not necessary to glue any part of this together). See picture 4.

  5. Place 3" slip/thread coupling onto 3" PVC pipe piece. Then screw in the threaded cap. Tap with a hammer so that all pieces of the pipe and fittings seat. See picture 4.

  6. Attach Shop Vac hose to the hole drilled in the threaded cap. Then place clean container under bottom opening to catch recycled seed. Pour seed in funnel slowly. Empty seed hulls get vacuumed up and good seed drops into container. A hook may be attached to the pipe coupling for mounting recycler to the wall.

Overall length of the cleaner should be about 18" long.


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