Veiled Chameleon

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Male Veiled Chameleon
Chaemeleo calpytratus

Photo of Male Veiled Chameleon
Photo by: Gail J. Worth.

This large chameleon's native habitat is the grasslands and high plateau areas of Yemen. Growing to thirty-eight centimeters (fifteen inches) in length, males of this species are very aggressive. Hardy in captivity, it should be given a large enclosure with low humidity and access to full spectrum artificial lighting or unfiltered sunlight. In addition to insects, it will sometimes take leaves and blossoms, especially in dry conditions. A female can lay as many as three clutches of eggs per year. With thirty to seventy eggs per clutch, this species numbers are increasing rapidly in captivity. After the eggs are laid, it takes six to eight months for them to hatch. Hatchlings can be easily sexed and grow rapidly, reaching sexual maturity at six months of age.

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