Giant Madagascar Day Gecko

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Giant Madagascar Day Gecko
Phelsuma madagascariensis

Photo of Giant Madagascar Day Gecko
"Mr Gecko" Owned by: Gail J Worth.     Photo by: Gail J. Worth.

This beautiful gecko is native to the extreme northern part of the large island of Madagascar. At about twenty-eight centimeters (eleven inches) in length, this is one of the largest of the day gecko species. In addition to insects, they will accept sugar water, and soft, very ripe ;fruit or fruit puree. For robust health, they should be supplemented with calcium. An easy way to offer them calcium powder is by mixing it with papaya or other fruit baby food. The geckos readily lap this with their large flexible tongues. The females will lay one to two hard-shelled eggs that have an incubation of about sixty-four days. Days geckos should be given a planted terrarium and provided ultra- violet light or unfiltered natural sunlight. They like moderate humidity and temperatures of between seventy-two and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

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