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Compact Table Top Incubator
by Lyon Technologies

Turn-X Incubator for hatching eggs

Available in Two Models

TURN-X is a functional table top incubator with modern precise Solid State Temperature Control. All major parts are made of plastic for easy cleaning. TURN-X incubators have a clear see-through dome for egg observation during hatching. Fan powered circulating air provides a constant air flow to all parts of the incubator. Temperature control adjustment, humidity adjustment and egg turning can be performed without opening the incubator. Now in two models. The TX6 is ideal for hobbyist and school projects while the TX7 is designed for the specialized breeder and educational science programs.

Model TX7
For Specialized Breeders and School Science Projects

  • 10 Turn Solid State Temperature Control
  • Mercury Dry & Wet Bulb Thermometers
  • Automatic Egg Turning Standard
All the great TURN-X features PLUS a Ten Turn Solid State Temperature Control designed to operate the TX7 in range of approximately 90° to 106°F. Each 360° turn of the temperature control covers approximately 1.7°F for precise temperature setting. Mercury thermometers accurate to +1/2°F are used for both the dry and wet bulb readings. These fine thermometers have a scale from 70° to 110°F graduated in 1/2°F increments. Automatic egg turning each hour is standard if you need high accuracy and precise temperature settings in fractions of a degree, the TX7 is for you.

One Egg Turning Ring of your choice is included in the purchase price of your TX7. Please specify. See Turning Ring chart on this page.

Model TX6
For School Projects and Hobbyists

The TX6 is an ideal incubator for the classroom or the home hobbyist. The see through design lets the miracle of birth unfold before you. Easy to read spirit carded thermometers are provided for temperature and humidity readings and all adjustments can be made without opening the incubator. The TX6 can be purchased with automatic egg turning or the turner may be added later.

One Egg Turning Ring of your choice is included in the purchase price of your TX6. Please specify when ordering.

Classroom Incubation Kit
Great Value for Teachers

We offer the Classroom Incubator Kit for teachers who want to hatch chicken eggs in the classroom. This kit comes with all accessories necessary to successful hatch eggs in school. Click here for more information.

Model Catalog # Description Price
TX7 910-067 Manual Egg Turning $289
TX7 910-067A Automatic Egg Turning $459
TX6 910-000 Manual Egg Turning $239
TX6 910-000A Automatic Egg Turning $429

Egg Turning Rings for Turn-X Incubators
One Turning ring is INCLUDED in the purchase of your incubator. Specify which ring you want from the chart below. Additional rings may be purchased with your incubator order. Plastic turning strap included in ring price.

Catalog # Capacity Type of Bird Egg Diameter Price
940-28 72 Combo, Quail, Finch,Canary, Cockatoo,Grass Parakeet, Lovebird,Cockatiel & Similar 1/4" to 1/2" 3/4" to 1 1/4" $30
940-29 48 Quail or similar 3/4" to 1-1/4" $30
940-30 27 Pheasant or similar 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" $30
940-31 18 Chicken or similar 1-3/4" to 1-7/8" $30
940-32 9 Goose or similar 2-1/8" to 2-3/4" $30

Additional Information

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Turn-X incubators

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