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The Austin HealthMate Air Purifier is highly recommended by the medical community across the country. Here's what a few doctors have to say:

"It's portable, virtually maintenance free, and it really works"
Dr. R.M. McKeessport, PA

"The HealthMate's design offers optimum efficiency without compromising its good looks."
Dr. H.M.,Anaheim, CA

"My wife and I enjoy the whisper quiet operation. Her trips to the hospital for sinus headaches and related problems has decreased dramatically since using the Austin HealthMate."
Dr. R.Y.,Chandler, AZ

"The HealthMate is very useful in combating allergy related problems. I have one at home for my own mold spore sensitivity."
Dr. L.G. Bronx, NY

"I've found the Austin HealthMate to be far superior above all other portable air purifiers in my treatment of patients with multiple chemical sensitivities."
Dr. W.G.L. Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have an Austin HealthMate both in my home and at the office. I must say I'm totally thrilled with its performance. Patients even comment on the improved air quality while in my care."
Dr. Y.D., Brooklyn, NY

"I have personally witnessed the extremely effective qualities of the Austin HealthMate. It has proven itself as an effective method to reduce problems associated chemical sensitivities"
Dr. J.D., Ann Arbor, MI

"Personally, I've tried other air purifiers, and find that the Austin HealthMate is superior in every category. Also, my patients often comment on the dramatic improvement in overall all air quality since using the Austin HealthMate."
Dr. B., Batesburg, SC

The Austin HealthMate Air Purifier is also highly recommended by allergy and asthma suffers. Here's what a few of our customers have told us:
"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my Austin Air filter. I developed asthma about 8 years ago and have been suffering with it ever since. My worst reactions are to dust, mildew, smoke and chemicals. Two years ago my doctor suggested that I get an air filter as part of my environmental controls. I also did a lot of research, checking all the different brands. The Austin Air had more HEPA filtration, more carbon and a better warranty than any of the others. And it was lightweight and easy to move from one room to another. Now that Iíve used it, I can tell you that it also outperforms the others. I would highly recommend the Austin Air Filter to anyone who had respiratory problems or to anyone who simply wants cleaner air in their environment."
A.C., Marietta, GA

"My mother had congenital heart condition and arrhythmia, a disease caused by damage to the heart or vascular system. She was very sick for many weeks. Finally, I got your machine and turned it on for my mother. The next day, my mother had "miraculously" improved. The following day she was sitting up. The third day she was totally mentally competent (as opposed to the dying "vegetable" that could barely recognize me). She told me her breathing was much better than it had been in years, and that the other three people in the intensive care ward felt the same. Improvement was noticed after being transferred to a minimal care facility (where I plugged in the Austin). After only a week, she was sent home. After final testing, the doctor told her that it was incredible. After being at the point of death, her heart had completely healed itself. Without the Austin, she would have survived only a few days in her condition."
W.F.H., Europe

"I am so happy with my air cleaner. I know I own the highest quality air cleaner on the market today."
D.M., Fort Lee, MI

"These are the fourth and fifth Austin Air Cleaner units that Iíve bought for my home. My daughter and I are both environmentally ill with multi-chemical sensitivities and these are great air purifiers! Keep up the good work."
C.K., Tempe, AZ

"I recently received an Austin Air air cleaner and found it to be so good I have decided to replace all my other air cleaners."
I.O., Barrington, IL

"I believe my air cleaner was delivered early in October and during the past two weeks, I canít believe the way that I have been feeling. I have long suspected unpleasant sinus trouble because nothing we used for relief was of any help. Two weeks ago, I decided to practice a solo for church. It went so easily, that I did another, and more of them until I had sung each of five solos three times without a slip. And my voice, it was the clearest it had been for nearly forty years! My delight this miraculous change brought me to my knees with tears of joy as I praised God for his mercies! Thank you!"
R.W.K., Palmdale, CA

"I have had my Austin Air Cleaner for less than a week. I am very pleased with the mobility of the unit since I have a small one-bedroom apartment, and spend most of my time in the living area and I can move the machine back and forth if I wish. I keep it on all the time and could see the difference in the air quality almost immediately, especially the absence of the strange odor that had pervaded my dwelling since I first moved in.
L.F., Canadensis, PA

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