The Animal Intensive Care Unit (AICU)
by Lyon Technologies

Advanced technology has enabled the Animal Intensive Care Unit (AICU) to digitally monitor and control temperature and humidity. Armed with an audio-visual safety alarm, this accurate and reliable unit provides unequaled precision in environmental control. Veterinary tested and designed, the new AICU has set even a higher standard for sophisticated environmental support for your birds and other small animals includes puppies, kittens, and reptiles.

Major Price Increase Coming October 4,  2013


Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

The AICU was designed, veterinary tested, and proven by Hannis L. Stoddard, D.V.M. This AICU is very versatile and can be used for handfeeding babies, pediatrics and orphaned or abandoned animals. The AICU provides quality care for pets that are injured, ill or convalescing.

The heating console is easily removed to allow the main cabinet to be submerged for total cleaning and disinfection. Large top door and sliding front door allow easy access. Humidity is maintained by adjustable vents and a Pro-Care Veterinary Equipmentwater tray, housed in a separate compartment with an electrostatic filtering system. The temperature can be maintained between ambient and 100° F.

There are now two types of cabinets available. The original lightweight and durable cabinet is manufactured from the finest acrylic and offers excellent visibility from all sides and the top. The newer metal cabinet has aluminum walls and top with acrylic sliding doors. This extra durable model offers less visibility but more privacy for the occupant.

Features and Benefits

Pro-Care Veterinary Equipment

The Animal Intensive Care Units have been endorsed by many of the most recognized veterinarians and veterinary educators worldwide. These AICU's are rated higher by comparison to all similiar units in the market.

Features of this excellent animal healthcare device include:


Both acrylic and metal versions of the AICUs are available in two sizes. The larger unit is both taller and deeper, accommodating larger animals. All AICUs can be used with the optional nebulizer and can be ordered with either Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature displays.

Size Inside Dimensions Outside Dimensions
Small AICU 24" x 12" x 12" 31-3/8" x1 4-1/2" x 13"
Large AICU 23-3/4" x 17-1/2" x 16-3/4" 32" x 18-3/4" x 19-3/4"

AICU Models

Examples Description Item Number Price
Small Acrylic #912-000 (Fahrenheit)
#912-000C (Celsuis)

after 10/4/13
Large Acrylic #912-004 (Fahrenheit)
#912-004C (Celsuis)

after 10/4/13
Small Metal #912-060 (Fahrenheit)
#912-060C (Celsuis)

after 10/4/13
Large Metal #912-062 (Fahrenheit)
#912-062C (Celsuis)
after 10/4/13

AICU Accessories

Examples Item Description Price
Optional White Pliable Floor Matting for small AICU $39
Optional White Pliable Floor Matting for large AICU $59
VetNeb Nebulizer
The VetNeb Nebulizer Compressor uses compressed air to turn liquid medication into an aerosol mist that penetrates the animal's lungs. This unit is designed to meet minimum performance requirements based on four ten-minute treatments per day. $159
VetNeb Nebulizer
Optional adapter kit to be used with the VetNeb Nebulizer Compressor $45

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